Poem #12 From Examining the Soul

There was a time when the thirst was nearly unquenchable.

Now we lie awake in separate rooms each morning

As if we’re avoiding each other-

Or the truth.


There was a time when we couldn’t keep our hands to ourselves

Quite literally.

Now we awkwardly hold hands.



There was a time when it was all so perfect

That I couldn’t come up with the words.

Now they pour from my fingertips

Like I am spraying the fire.


But I don’t want to put out that fire.

These days are just a phase.

I keep telling myself.

It’s just a season. A season for… everything.


It’s hard to explain when there is

so much good in your life

But you feel so alone

The Not-quite emptiness.



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A poem from my recently released book…

Waiting rooms are lonely places.

Sad. Desperate.

It is in the name- waiting in and of itself

Is fucking awful.


You could call it patience rooms-

But that could be confusing.

Either way-

Bring a book and a fully charged phone.

Because they usually do not let you go with.


Even the shortest appointments

Feel longer than a decade.

You could rewrite your own copy

Of the dictionary

Before you’re finally released into the real world.


Where you both try to pretend

That it is all fake.

That everything is fine

That everything will be alright.


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